Smart BDD

The most productive way to implement Behaviour Driven Development. You write the code first and this generates documentation and diagrams.

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What you get with Smart BDD

The easiest and most productive way to test

Generate feature files from code

From test code you generate the feature files and documentation

Barrier to entry is super low

The barrier to entry is super low, you start with one annotation or add a file to resources/META-INF! That's it you're generating documentation

Lower complexity of tests

You have less code, that is higher quality. The framework is not invasive, you haven't put all your testing eggs in one basket!

Increase quality of test

Promotes best testing practices and consistency of the feature files

Junit 5 based

Junit 5 is very powerful, you get all the benefits of this

Write tests first

No need to write superfluous layers of code, as with other BDD frameworks, you just write high quality tests

The Smart BDD approach

More with less

Be more productive, with higher quality tests and less code

Less and higher quality code

Therefore - less complexity

Therefore - lowering the cost of maintaining and adding testing

Therefore - increasing productivity

Oh, and you get sequence diagrams plus many new features are in the pipeline