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Developer with over 20 years experience

Tons of enterprise experience, mostly Java, Scala for the past year and a half. Was a games developer for a while, absolutely loved it. Gaming in a still passion of mine, dating back to my Spectrum ZX80 and I have really fond memories of my Amiga 1200.

James Bayliss

What inspired me to create Smart BDD

I'm normally in disbelief with state of tests on a project: from taking too long to write or worse not being able to test something. Tests should document the system, this principle is clearly being violated too often. So being inspired by YATSpec I wrote something to address the root causes of the problems.... It's been a bit of an up hill struggle as turns out most people are happy with what they are familar with: dimishing returns, re-writes of re-writes etc...


Firm belief in the following being the foundation of modern development; iterating with fast feedback, eliminating waste and amplifying value. We can't effectively do this if we don't test productivity

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